More than 80 companies around the world trust us.

And we have helped them raise more than €30,000,000 in investment in their startups with our products.

Helping startups is our goal.

And avoid being left like this with your product πŸ‘‡πŸΌ.

We were born as an independent form, years ago, although not with the name of Productea, we were a group of freelancers, who made a living doing sporadic services.

Later, we founded our own companies (startups) and we saw how the entrepreneurial world worked and the little knowledge there was about product, we decided to create Productea to help all those entrepreneurs who have a fantastic idea but need help in product to carry it out.

Since our birth we have focused on the startup world. We believe that is where we can contribute the most and where we want to collaborate. We have been and are entrepreneurs. We know what it takes, and our philosophy, as well as our way of working, is different.

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Our vision is to create and connect with people through the product.

We are convinced that a product creation process is a journey. A journey for the need of the company, a journey for the user / customer need, a journey of discovery. For us it is basic and essential to know in depth the business model and how it works. We believe that the current digital products are really advanced, the market is fierce, and obviously to compete it is necessary to present a product with a minimum of quality. The minimum that the user / customer expects.

The goal is that with your startup you get to this ☝🏼.

The values that keep us faithful and responsible.

"You've been there."

Like you, we have gone through this stage in our startups, so we want to be frank about the needs and steps to take to reach the goal.

"Realistic pricing."

We know how much it costs to earn every euro (€) in your startup, that's why our fee is adapted to your budget, to be fair with our services.

"A little more."

We don't stop at the basics, we like to deliver an extra point (+1) to our customers. Those details make the difference. And no one is bitter for a sweet tooth.

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