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Capture the attention of your investors.

Attracting, communicating and selling your product is vital to the success of your startup. The deck. That fundamental tool in startups to attract investment.

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"Not only do we have to look for the minimum viable product, we have to look for the best possible product experience with the resources we have."

What is a Pitch Deck?

If we want an investor to be interested in our project or company, we will have to use a pitch deck, a sales technique that will summarize in a brief visual presentation the mission of your company, your business plan and your company's growth vision, that is, the way in which you will sell your company to potential clients.

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How long does it take?

Don't wait until the last moment to have your pitch-deck perfect, it is essential to have margin to analyze and see all the possibilities, in order to start working we will need: Information, KPIs & complete company metrics, team information, market information, etc.

Normally we need between 10-15 days.

The process

The ultimate deck. Your tool to attract investment.

We want you to be able to sell your project with the best quality, it requires analysis, creativity and time.

All inclusive. All inclusive.

We analyze all the content and its format to offer the best face of the project, emphasizing the key points and treating the deck as if it were ours, our project. We see the market, your product, how it works and we translate it into a visual element.

We offer the possibility to create your perfect deck by blocks of pages, depending on the deck obviously, it can have 10 or 30 pages. Keep in mind that it is your tool to attract attention and investment.

What does it include?

  • 1h of initial project review
  • Content review and discussion
  • Complete .PDF file
  • Compressed .PDF file
  • Editable file (Figma)
  • All images and fonts
  • 2h of revisions included.

We design your perfect deck

We are a product company, we can help you to better understand your business but let's be clear about some points that Productea does not make.

We do not make

  • Product Discovery
  • Financial analysis
  • Storytelling creation


  • We have an initial meeting to understand the project.
  • 2. We will send you an email with all the steps and requirements.
  • 3. You send us your previous Deck and all the necessary information
  • 4. We send you the first slides to validate the style and design of the new deck.
  • 5. We complete the deck
  • 6. We make a complete overhaul with the necessary fixes.
  • 7. We deliver the final deck
Decks designed
Years of experience
Financing our decks

value of a deck top.

Competitive prices for having a tool to attract the attention of investors and attract investment for your startup.

Base price
Design and structure a deck of up to 15 pages. The ideal deck should be 15.
750,00 €
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Extra pages
From page 15 onwards, we charge extra for each new page.
+42,00 €
Need your deck for this week? We won't sleep but you'll get it.
Google Slides
If you want to have your deck in Google Slides. We have to adapt the whole Figma.
+350,00 €

Some examples of our decks...

Obviously this information is confidential, but we show you some slides to show you the quality of our decks.

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